South Wales Warriors 2018 fixtures announced.

The South Wales Warriors have announced their fixtures for the upcoming season, where they’ll begin the year with an away trip to take on the Somerset Wyverns.

Last year the Warriors failed to pick up a win before demotion to Division 2 of the British American Football Association, but Geraint Roberts men will hope fortunes turn in their favour this year.

The Warriors will play four times at home at Llanharan Rugby Club as well as four away trips in the season that runs from April 15th until August 5th.

After the side open up proceedings on the road in mid April, they’ll return home for their next two fixtures as they take on the Jurassic Coast Raptors and Cornish Sharks on May 6th and May 13th.

There’s just one fixture for the side in June, an away trip to the Worcestershire Black Knights, before returning home to take on the Black Knights again on July 1st.

South Wales will take on the Torbay Trojans twice in July with their home fixture being on July 22nd before they draw the year to a close on August 5th away to the Sharks.

After recently completing four try-out days in four different areas of South Wales to improve recruitment and participation for the team, spirits are high in the Warriors camp as they look to overturn recent struggles over the last few seasons.

First-year running back Tom Brown came to the side through one of their recruitment days and is excited about the new season getting underway.

“The training was awesome, it was really great to get straight into a game type scenario involving the offensive line.” Brown commented after the fixtures were announced.

“I’m really excited for the season and hopefully to get involved with helping the team, but most of all learning off the other returning running backs.”

The hopes for the side are to establish themselves in a way that they have consistent numbers for each game and then climb back to the premiership to take on the best in the UK in the same division they competed in from 2013 – 2016.

Coming into this Divison 2 season, it looks like the Warriors stiffest competition will be the Cornish Sharks who last year finished with 7 wins and 3 losses in 10 games. The Sharks lost twice against the eventual undefeated conference champions the Bristol Apache, as well as a loss late in the season to the third place Swindon Storm.

The Jurassic Coast Raptors will be hoping for a better season this year after picking up just one win in the SFC 2 West Division last year. That win came in game 2 of the season with a narrow 28 – 26 win over the Worcestershire Black Knights but the rest of a year was a struggle for the Raptors, and the Warriors will hope to capitalise on that when this season gets underway.

With the season just over a month away, preparations are ramping up for the Warriors, who will look to begin their journey back to the top level of the sport in the UK when it all starts on April 15th.


@ Somerset Wyverns – 15.04.2018

Jurassic Coast Raptors – 06.05.2018

Cornish Sharks – 13.05.2018

@ Worcestershire Black Knights 17.06.2018

Worcestershire Black Knights – 01.07.2018

@ Torbay Trojans – 08.07.2018

Torbay Trojans – 22.07.2018

@ Cornish Sharks – 05.08.2018