Interview with Cardiff Devils speedy ‘D’ man and #20 Gleason Fournier.

He is arguably one of the fastest skaters in the Elite league, he is the Devils Mr Consistent and he scores goals. It is, of course, Gleason Fournier. We are delighted here at Y-Ddraig that Gleason Fournier has taken time at this very busy part of the season to answer some questions for us. Many thanks go to Gleason for giving his time up for us. We must also thank Cardiff Devils Director of Corporate Development, Neil Francis for making this possible. I would also like to thank the magnificent Cardiff Devils fans as this is the most amount of FANZONE questions we have received so far. It is great to be able to put your questions to your favourite players. Please keep sending me your questions.

1. What is your favourite thing about Cardiff?

Answer:- The people and the City centre.

2.  Have you always played #20 or is this a Cardiff Devils number? What would be your number of choice?

Answer:- My go-to number is usually #14 because it was my first number as a hockey player but the #20 has brought me championship trophies for both teams that I wore it (Grand Rapids, and Cardiff). So now my go-to number has to be #20.

3.  You have already scored more goals this season than last, but slightly fewer assists. What’s more important, goals or assists?

Answer:- Wins!

4.  What gives you a bigger buzz, scoring a goal or managing to shut out the opposition?

Answer:- I would have to say scoring a goal!

5.  Do you have a favourite NHL team?

Answer:- Because I’m from Quebec, I would like the Montreal Canadiens to have a good team someday but I would not bet on them anytime soon, so, for now, I enjoy watching any team that has skilled and intelligent players.

6.  Are there any players who inspired you growing up?

Answer:- Sidney Crosby. He played his junior in my hometown which is also where I played my junior.

Sidney Crosby played his junior hockey in Gleason Fournier’s hometown and was an inspiration to Gleason. Picture Credit:

7.  What has been your proudest moment in Ice Hockey?

Answer:- Winning the Challenge Cup in front of our fans last season.

8.  After seeing Juice (Justin Faryna) recently join Bownsy on the ice for his post game wave, would you ever consider having a go?

Answer:- Yes, I will do it with the entire team when we win a trophy. It’s tradition, isn’t it?

9.  Are you the fastest skater in the Devils team and if not, who do you think is?

Answer:- Yes, I think I am.

Gleason showing his speed on the ice. Picture Credit:


This is the section where you the Cardiff Devils fans get to ask the players the questions you would like answered. I pick the best and ask the players on your behalf. Many thanks for the questions submitted this time and please keep sending them.

1.  Other than yourself, who do you think is the best ‘D’ man in the current Cardiff Devils team? (Question by Abi Lewis)

Answer:- Andrew Hotham, He wasn’t MVP for nothing.

2.  If you could change any current Devils players position, who would you change and to what position? (question by Abi Lewis)

Answer:- We’ve already seen Mark Louis as a forward and I would love to see that again. I wouldn’t want to be in the pants of the ‘D’ man that gets forechecked by Big Lou.

3.  From previous Cardiff Devils players that you haven’t played with, who would you most like to play a game with? (Question by Catherine Boucher)

Answer:- The Legend, Neil Francis.

Neil Francis. Now Head of Corporate Development. The player Gleason would most like to play with of ex Cardiff Devils players. Picture Credit:

4.  If you hadn’t joined the Cardiff Devils, which Elite league side do you think you would have joined? (Question by Catherine Boucher)

Answer:- I have talked with some teams in this league before I decided to come here but I’m glad I decided to join the Devils. Cardiff or nothing!

5.  Having played in both Canada and the UK, how would you compare the level of hockey between the two countries? (Question by Tony Gleadhill)

Answer:- I think the EIHL would be somewhere between the ECHL and AHL level. It’s hard to know for sure but with the results from the CHL games, I think the league is getting better. What I know for sure is that a lot of people from Canada would be really surprised at the level of hockey in the UK.

6.  Who is the biggest practical joker on the team and who gets picked on the most? (Question by Stew Pritchard)

Answer:- I think the biggest practical joker is Ben Bowns but Andrew Hotham is not far behind and Sean Bentivoglio gets picked on the most.

7.  What is the best prank that has been pulled? (Question by Stew Pritchard)

Answer:- Every day since the beginning of the season, someone or a group of guys have tied up Benti’s sleeves, pants, laces or anything they can find of his. After practice, Benti always has to untie something and it’s hilarious because he doesn’t know who it is.

8.  How do you feel living so far from home and what do you do here that reminds you of home? (Question by Mark Seagrave)

Answer:- It can be tough sometimes to be far from my family and my friends but when I’m with the guys it’s easier. To remind me of home I watch a stream of the TSN channel in the morning to keep up with the NHL and other Canadian news.

9.  How do you keep your hair so neat? (Question by Celyn Evans)

Answer:- Thanks for the compliment but I hate my hair Haha. I wear a hat and when I take it off, there you go!

10.  What’s your favourite Tim Horton’s Timbit? (Question by Brochan Evans)

Answer:- Without a doubt the old-fashioned glazed.

11.  Which goal for the Devils is your favourite? (Question by Brochan Evans)

Answer:- The goal I scored in the Challenge Cup Final last year.

12.  Do you have a nickname? (Question by Brochan Evans)

Answer:- Fourns.

13.  I think this has been your best season, not that any of the others were bad. Do you agree? (Question by Draney)

Answer:- Yes. Consistency is probably one of the hardest things for an athlete and I’m glad I’ve been able to maintain a good level so far. It really helps to play with that group of guys though.

14.  What’s your favourite golf course you have played during your time with the Devils? (Question by Kev Hampson)

Answer:- Unfortunately I haven’t played on any golf courses over here yet. I’m waiting on my friend Joey Haddad to bring me with him.

15.  What needs to be done to encourage more players into the British league? (Question by Ford Brazel)

Answer:- I think the league is on the right path right now by slowly adapting to the new reality of hockey. The rules about fights and violence are changing all over the world to promote a faster more skilled game. Hockey in the UK has to do the same. That way maybe more kids would want to play this sport and the league would be talked about for the good reasons.

A big thank you once again to Gleason for agreeing to do this interview and good luck to him and all his teammates at this crucial period of the season. Hopefully, trophies will be coming to IAW soon. Also thanks again to the fans who sent me their questions.

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Feature Picture Credit: – Thanks Helen!