Interview with the Cardiff Devils latest 100 goal hero Joey Martin.

We are very grateful here at Y-Ddraig that Joey Martin agreed to answer some questions for us, we are also grateful to the Cardiff Devils Director of Corporate Development, Neil Francis, for making this possible. Our thanks go out to both Joey and Neil. I would also like to again thank the fans who have contributed with their questions for the man himself for our FANZONE section. We are hoping that in the future we will get further participation.

Before we make a start with the interview questions I feel it is only right to mention the unbelievable milestone that Joey has just achieved. Joey has recently scored his 100th goal for the Cardiff Devils becoming only the third member of this exclusive club. I’m sure all of you along with us at Y-Ddraig are extremely grateful for the service Joey has given to this team, and hope that he is around for many seasons to come, to add to his tally.


1. How honoured do you feel to have joined an elite club of 100 goal scorers for the Cardiff Devils?

Answer:- I am definitely very honoured and proud to have achieved this milestone. I have been very fortunate since arriving in Cardiff to have played on a winning team with very good teammates who have made this milestone attainable.

2. Do you set yourself a goalscoring target at the start of each season? If so what was this year’s target?

Answer:- I don’t usually set any goal or points targets prior to the season. I think early on in my professional career I worried more about points as they were important for our advancement to the next level. However, I personally found that the more I worried about points, the less they would come. I’ve learned that if I play my game with hard work and confidence, the points should naturally occur.

3. You are now into your 4th season with the Devils, how many more seasons can you see yourself staying and do you have ambitions to play in any other league?

Answer:- I think it’s a great time to be a Cardiff Devil and I’m enjoying my time here. When I originally came to Cardiff I thought I would be here for 1-2 years. I have made many friends here and love the city and the people throughout the organization. It could be a possibility to play in another league at some point, however, for now, I’m going to continue to relish my time here.

4. Do you have any pre-match rituals or superstitions?

Answer:- I don’t have any superstitions but my game day routine is pretty consistent. During the day, I eat the same meal at the same time, followed by a nap no longer than an hour. When I wake up, I have a snack, get ready for the game and make a coffee to go. Once I get to the rink, taping my sticks, stretching, warming up, etc is all done the same time every game.

5. What has been your best memory or moment whilst being with the Cardiff Devils?

Answer:- There have been some great memories whilst I’ve been with the Devils. My first year when we won the challenge cup in Sheffield with all our fans was pretty special. Also, winning the challenge cup last year at home was an amazing night. However, winning the league was something this club and the fans wanted so bad, it was extremely gratifying to be able to bring that championship back to Cardiff.

6. What has been your worst moment or memory whilst being with the Cardiff Devils?

Answer:- Last years playoff final overtime loss was one of the toughest defeats I’ve ever experienced. Being 1 shot away from winning every trophy was a tough pill to swallow.

7. Do you have aspirations to be a head coach someday in the future when your playing days are coming to an end and should Andrew Lord be worried?

Answer:- Once I’m done playing hockey I will definitely want to continue to be involved in the game. I feel I owe so much back to the game of hockey as it’s provided me with so many opportunities and experiences. I think those days are still far away as I still enjoy the game as much as I ever have.

8. Which players influenced you when you were growing up and playing hockey?

Answer:- My two older brothers had the most influence on my hockey career. They both played hockey and I would always watch them play and want to be like them. They would also always let me join in on their organized games with their friends either in the driveway or on the frozen lake.

9. Do you have music in your dressing room and if you were to choose, what would be your music of choice?

Answer:- I pretty much like all music. My favourite genre would be alternative rock (Mumford and sons, Lumineers etc.). I’m more of a situational listener. If it’s early in the morning I prefer more relaxing or ‘chill’ music. If it’s before a game, I listen to upbeat hard rock or rap.

10. If you had to choose another sport to be a professional in, what sport would you choose?

Answer:- Baseball.

11. You are going to be put on a desert island for a month. You have to pick one your Devils teammates to be stranded with, who would you pick and why? Also, you can take three items with you, what would you choose?

Answer:- Joey Haddad purely for entertainment. I would bring my phone, matches and a mattress.


Joey Martin would take Joey Haddad to the desert island as his “entertainment”.. Picture Credit:


This is our new feature where we ask you the Devils fans to come up with some questions for your favourite players. We will pick the best and ask the players on your behalf. Thanks to all the fans who contributed this interview.

1. From the recent signings for the Devils, who has surprised you most and been one of the key players? (Question by Catherine Boucher)

Answer:- I think Lordo and our management did an excellent job recruiting new players this year. They have all fit in nicely and are great guys to have in the locker room. I think each new addition brings something different to the table that contributes to our success. I think Tyson Strachan has brought a ton of experience to our locker room and his poise and playmaking ability is pretty special to watch.

2. If you had to bring back two players from last season, who would you bring back? (Question by Abi Lewis).

Answer:- That’s a tough question; one of the toughest things about being a hockey player is you form such good relationships with teammates and then one of you can be gone next year. I played with Culligan for 3 years and Doucet for 2 and was really good buddies with both of them, which made it tough to see them go.

A good friend of Joey Martin. Guiliame Doucet. Picture Credit:

Another good friend of Joey Martin. Chris Culligan. Picture Credit:

3. What does your tattoo say? (Question by Brochan Evans).

Answer:- My tattoo is the initial ‘G’ for my best childhood friend who passed away. It’s a little personal memory for me over my heart.

4. Do you have a limit on how many pucks you can give away in the warm-ups? (Question by Brochan Evans).

Answer:- I think this is a question for our trainer Dease! We don’t have a limit on pucks we can give out, but if we give too many away we won’t have any left for warm-ups.

5. Did you pick your number? (Question by Brochan Evans).

Answer:- Yes, I did pick my own number. I picked #88 because it’s my birth year.

6. And the final fans question is the most important, Which ‘Timbit’ is your favourite? (Question by Brochan Evans).

Answer:- Great question! and my favourite is the honey dip!


A massive thank you once again to Joey for agreeing to this interview and we would like to wish him good luck for the remainder of the season and hope we see him picking up trophies soon. Also, thank you to the fans for your questions.

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