“Open tryouts are brilliant for the club” says Warriors, Dan Dacey

The South Wales Warriors have begun their trials ahead of the new British American Football Association season, hosting a try out day in Merthyr this past weekend.

The Warriors invited new and old players to join them for an open training session at Merthyr RFC on Sunday, where a big turnout of new and potential players turned up to earn their spot on the roster.

It was a turbulent season for the Warriors who did fail to pick up a win in the 2017 season, just a year after taking a voluntary demotion from the premiership to focus on growing and sustaining a strong programme in South Wales.

Dan Dacey is one of the returning players from last year who was there on Sunday afternoon. A longtime member of the Warriors, Dacey is one of the defensive leaders on the team and was excited to get back on the pitch this past weekend.

“We had a great turn out up in Merthyr which is really exciting for the boys and the coaches to see,” Dacey said after the session.

Picture taken by Alex Atkins

One thing these four sessions help with is growing the team from different areas of South Wales, something Dacey exposing by saying “By going to these areas we get to raise more awareness of the sport and get a lot more lads into it, which would be brilliant for the club.

“I think it’ll be a huge benefit. I mean the first session in Merthyr we had a load of local boys turn up and hopefully it’ll be the same in the others.“

With three more sessions coming up, including one Swansea this Sunday, Dacey and the Warriors will be looking to retain some new players while they gear up for another tough season.

Feature Picture Credit: Ollie Hampson.