A New Feature On Y Ddraig – A Forum For The Fans!

We have put an additional feature on our website which we hope fans will enjoy and interact with. That feature is a forum or a message board if you will, that fans can engage with each other, add new threads and get your thoughts out there on how you see the Welsh sports landscape, debates are healthy!

The forum is provided by proboards.com a company that is widely used by many different sites. To be able to find our forum you can either go into the Y Ddraig website and on the menu facility if you scroll down to the forum option. Alternatively, you can go directly to the forum by putting in the following address:


When you are on the site you can view the current posts and threads, to add your own posts and thoughts you need to sign into the account, or if new to the site you need to set up an account, which is quick and easy to do. If you experience any issues then there is assistance available to you, which I am sure we can sort the problem.  Rules for the site in terms of content is also included on the site.

Currently, on the site, there are discussions on topics such as Chris Coleman and whether he remains as Welsh football coach and the recent selection policy brought into Welsh Rugby, whether it is necessary to safeguard the future of Welsh rugby, just to name a few.

Great opportunity for Sports fans to talk and we are hoping we get to speak to you all soon and get your thoughts on Welsh sports.