New Signing For Cardiff Fire

Cardiff Fire fans will be looking forward to seeing Devils forward Dr Luke Piggott donning the Fire uniform for the rest of this season. Piggott has been allowed to sign a part-time contract with the Cardiff Fire. The deal that has been agreed will allow him to play when the Devils schedule allows. It looked very likely that Piggott would leave the Devils at the end of last season and Cardiff Fire head coach Mark Cuddihy had discussions with the player. The Fire could have been a perfect fit for him but he signed back on with the Devils as a player/coach. 

 Luke is no stranger to this league, having played for Cardiff in 2004. The announcement of Luke being available to the Fire is very welcome with a very lengthy injury list at present. 

 Luke made his home debut for the Fire on Sunday night but was unable to prevent the Phantoms from Peterborough running out comfortable 10-0 winners. 

Julian Blackburn