A New Site, A New Chapter!

Y Ddraig are pleased to let our readers know that we have moved to a new website!

A few of us have been working behind the scenes and we are really pleased with how the new site looks, and we are looking forward to sharing our content with you.  Massive thanks to Ben Leggatt who has put in many hours getting the site up and running, and also a thank you to Scott Salter who has had many messages from me asking cryptic questions, cheers Scott!

We are also very pleased to announce a collaboration with our friends at The Attacking Scrum, a fantastic Welsh rugby podcast you can find on I Tunes and other media outlets. The boys cannot wait for the new season and to be sharing their thoughts on Welsh rugby, and Y Ddraig will be sharing information on our brand new spanking website, so take a look and please listen to the podcast and subscribe

The plan is to also keep our website address as y-ddraig.co.uk but we are experiencing a few teething problems at moment, so will use the site address WordPress have given us for the time being, but we will update once the issue has been rectified.

Please take a look at our site, we will be working hard on it over the next few days and any feedback would be appreciated.

Looking forward to the new football and rugby seasons and Y Ddraig giving you great Welsh articles for you to enjoy.

Thanks everyone


Y Ddraig



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