The Welsh Players To Choose In Your Fantasy Football Team

The new Premier League season is approaching and these Welsh players could boost your chances of beating for mates


With football fans all over the world getting excited for the start of the Premier League, many will be crunching the numbers as they try and get the best possible Fantasy Football team possible.

Don’t worry, though. Your good friends at Y Ddraig have got you covered. We’ve been analysing how the boys in Red got on last year and have created the following list of the best Welsh players to include in your fantasy football team.

Sam Vokes

The big man may not be the flashy striker many crave, but he’s certainly a great deal when it comes to fantasy football points.

Last year he finished with 121 points throughout the season, the highest number of any strikers in his price category.

At just £6m, Vokes is a good bet to support your star strikers.

Joe Allen

We all know how good Wee Joe is and that’s enough of a reason to get him in your Fantasy Football Team. Last season Joe scored 118, 3 more points that £89 million man Paul Pogba.

He’ll only cost you £5.5m and is the perfect man to pad out your midfield. Coutinho, Dele Alli and co may be more glamorous, but wee Joe will get you plenty of bonus points.

Paul Dummett

That’s right, Paul Dummett. Hear us out.

You’ve got a limited budget and you’ll be splashing out on the likes of Harry Kane, Alexis Sanchez and co. You’ve forgotten to fill all of your defensive spots and you’ve only got £4.5m left.

Enter Paul Dummett. Solid and reliable, he’s sure to nab you a few extra points for just £4.5m.

Ben Woodburn

We all know about Ben Woodburn and what a talent he could be. At just £4.5m, it’s a relatively low-risk gamble to introduce Woodburn into your Fantasy Football team as one of three strikers.

If he gets more game time under Jurgen Klopp this year, Woodburn could be a fine addition to your FPL side.

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