Writers Wanted For Y Ddraig

credit: thinkprogress.org

Y Ddraig the home of Welsh sports writing is looking for new contributors to be able to provide content to the various social media sites that we operate.

If you have experience in the sporting writing field or if you have always been interested but have never taken the step then this could be your opportunity.

Y Ddraig has been in operation since October 2016, initially starting out as a Welsh football newsletter piece but in recent months has moved into all aspects of Welsh sports. The plan is in the future to operate and build our own website and to produce printed Welsh sports magazines both electronically and in print if we can generate the interest to complete.

As you can only been in existence less than a year, but we have many followers on a combination of Twitter, Facebook and on Medium, where our web page currently sit. We produce long form articles, analysis, polls, reviews and recently conducted a few sporting interviews which we have a few more lined up over the coming months so watch this space.

Y Ddraig

Welsh sport is going through a fantastic period, with so many written opportunities. In football, can Neil Warnock gain yet another promotion from The Championship to The Premier League this time with Cardiff City? Can Paul Clement build on Swansea City’s great survival last season in The Premier League? Can anyone take the Welsh Premier League Title from TNS this season?, also with the national team having some crucial qualifying games coming up on the tough journey which hopefully ends in Russia in 2018.

In rugby union, can Warren Gatland fresh from a fantastic British and Irish Lions tour, bring that impetus into the Welsh national team? Can The Scarlets repeat their victory last season in the newly revamped Pro 14 League and also push on in Europe? Can the other Welsh pro sides make a serious tilt to win the League and also make strides in Europe? You also have in boxing, the Selby brothers, can they dominate the world in their respective weight divisions? And other sporting Welsh stars in other sports such as Geraint Thomas in cycling, Jade Jones in Tae Kwan Do, Jazz Carlin in swimming, Jack Marshman and Brett Johns in UFC just to name a few. For writers interested in Welsh stars in sport, the opportunities are endless, and Y Ddraig gives you the platform to have your thoughts read by the many.

Interested? Well if you are please get in touch with us either on Twitter, @yddraigHQ or Facebook page, Y Ddraig, or if you prefer, e-mail Craigmuncey@hotmail.co.uk let us know what experience you have if any, what sport you are interested in writing for, it can be a multitude of sports, not just one, and we can then take it on from there.

Currently, we cannot pay any of our writers, we do not make any money as there is no advertising at this moment in time on the site, so our content is free. However, as mentioned if we get to our end goal plan of our own website and magazines in print, we will pay our contributors.

Look forward to hearing from you, and welcoming you on board to Y Ddraig, diolch!

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