Yr Hunllef Hir

A new S4C documentary looks at the Hillsborough disaster

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Football fans traumatised by the Hillsborough disaster should be given more specialist psychological support, a documentary maker has said.

Liverpool fan Dylan Llewelyn has made an emotional film about those still haunted Britain’s worst ever sporting tragedy featuring ex-players including Ian Rush and John Barnes.

A total of 96 people died but over 750 were also injured in the disaster and hundreds more have been affected by their experiences.

In the documentary — called Hillsborough: Yr Hunllef Hir (Hillsborough: The long Nightmare) — former Kop favourite Rush says the trauma of April 15th 1989 still haunts him today.

Rush says: “It is one of those things that will be with you for the rest of your life deep down, it is something that you’ve seen and that will always be there.

“Twenty-eight years is a very long time and though they have won the case it will never bring back the loved ones.”

Filmmaker Dylan, who was at Hillsborough but unharmed on the day, has called for more help for those still reeling from the horrors and unable to discuss it.

He said: “I can’t see or hear anything about Hillsborough without it taking me back to 1989. I saw almost a hundred people die in front of my eyes that day.

“I feel guilty that I survived but also feel guilty that I didn’t do anything to help anyone that day. I just stood there in shock as events unfolded. Could I have helped, like so many other supporters did? I don’t know. However what I do know is that I didn’t do so. And I’ve got to live with that.”

“What I’ve encountered during the making of this documentary has strengthened my belief that there are many people who have kept quiet and who may need help to open up about their experiences and their emotions.

“It may not necessarily mean specialist psychological help, but first of all, the heavily traditional male football crowd at the time needs to overcome the macho mind-set that you shouldn’t show your emotions.”

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Hillsborough: Yr Hunllef Hir (Hillsborough: The long Nightmare) a Rondo Media production for S4C, airs Tuesday, 24th January at 9.30pm on S4C, English subtitles are available, it will also be available to watch on-demand at s4c.cymru, iPlayer and other platforms. In Wales, S4C is available on Freeview 4, Sky 104, Virgin TV 166 and Freesat 104. In England, Scotland and Northern Ireland, S4C is available on Sky 134, Freesat120 and Virgin TV 166.

This article originally appeared in issue 3 of Y Ddraig.

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